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The colors listed below represent the 12 natures. This website focuses on personalities, not sexual orientations.

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Welcome to The 12 Natures, my very own personality project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps The 12 Natures will discover your mysteries as well.

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To Love is to Live

Love is represented by the heart, the core of the body. From it, blood is spread to other parts of the body carrying oxygen. When a body...

The Past

Now let’s talk about the one element that dark types are made of and for; the past. The past is a silent disease that slowly creeps in...

The Athlete

Last time we talked about Adventurers and now it is time for the athletes; the ones that hate traveling or learning new things, the one...

The Adventurers

What You Seek Is What You Become There are two types of lightning types: athletes and adventurers. Whilst athletes are more interested in...

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