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Supports And Summoners

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

There are two kinds of water; one is salt water and the second is freshwater. Saltwater is known for its salty taste and vastness. Freshwater on the other hand is clearer, purer, and less toxic than its counterpart. Obviously, a person cannot drink from saltwater, but it is possible to drink from a freshwater source like springs and rivers (if it's an emergency). Because of these, saltwater will represent Summoners and Freshwaters will be Supports.


Aids, Backups, Assistants, Helpers, or Supports, as the names suggest, are groups of people

that fall under the water category; specialize in bringing one or more persons up to their respective hierarchy. What does it mean? Well, they want the best for their partners or close friends. They are very private and could be mistaken for Spirit types, but they are not as lonesome. In their quiet demeanor, they still desire to have someone they can bring up to be their best self while a spirit type might not. Covertly manipulative,

they see potential in people that most tend to ignore which can lead them to fall in love easily only to probably get disappointed by their choice of partner in the end. Support will do anything for their partners even going the extra mile for them and backing them up even when they know their partner might be wrong. All a support wants is to ensure their partner is well taken care of and supported. You can’t drink salt water, but fresh water can be drunk for refreshment: supports are that freshwater.

Talent: To assist their right partner or anyone in becoming a max-level character

Measurement: Assists

Element: Springwater


Uniters, Summoners, Campaigners, Socialites, whatever you want to call them, these guys are the salt water, you cannot drink them for refreshment, or it will torture your tongue. When a summoner helps another person, they feel like they are being taken advantage of which leads to toxicity, hence the salt. The salt can also be good because it makes them tougher and adds a little personality to their character. Summoners specialize in having many

companions and allies they can depend on. They know how to read the room and are more emotional than their counterparts, the supports. These people are far from private, always going where their friends are; at parties, outings, dinners, and gatherings. They love the finer things in life because they wish to look good in front of others. The ocean is very vast and deep with a lot of creatures lurking in it just like a summoner, no one knows what darkness could be lurking within them. Summoners do not care who they are friends with, just if you are their friend, anyone who isn’t their ally is automatically their enemy even if the person is good at heart.

Talent: To summon their friends to help achieve a goal.

Measurement: Allies

Elemtnent: The Ocean

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