Fillers And Outsiders

Updated: Sep 6


The word ‘filler’ (regarding the 12 natures) means to take up the role of another person with ease like a backup cog in a machine. Filler types are one of the most dynamic and unique types within the 12 natures. They, just like chameleons can merge into any social setting or location with ease if they are in a good mood. They are introverts at heart but can adapt to situations easily. If anything, their introversion helps them to understand where they are or what they are dealing with before adapting to the setting.

They can be seen as quiet but when you get to know them you will be in for a surprise because they can be quite friendly and chatty with those who are close to them. Their quiet demeanor gives them space to analyze the situation or the people they are about to interact with, so simply give them time and they will open up with ease. When they do open; you will be rewarded with many interesting things this chameleon has to say.

One weakness many Filler types tend to possess is their moodiness. Their whole shebang depends entirely on their current mood. If they are not up for running at that moment, they won't. If they don’t want to socialize that day, they just simply won't. You might like them for their congeniality but when you catch them at a bad time you might be more disappointed than you would expect. They need two things before they can adapt or socialize with ease:

1. They must be in the right mood and

2. They must mentally prepare for the occasion whether it is a party, dinner, or just simply an outing, their ritual must be respected or else you might find them drifting from you slowly.

They are homebodies, so don’t be surprised to find them hopping back to their quiet solitude to recharge their batteries.


Outsiders on the other hand are a little different from their counterparts. They are loners, and do not adapt quite as well as Fillers and prefer to do things in their unique way. They can be mysterious, stubborn, shy and a little reclusive depending on their ideals. Many a time the main reason for their reclusive nature is mostly because of the strange feeling that they do not belong in this world or aren’t loved by anyone (not even their family), and this drives them to find love most unusually by unhealthily attaching to what they are good at, to their hobbies, or their ideologies/beliefs. Another word to call an Outsider is a Loner.

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