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Making Friends Along the Way (Summoners) (Adventurers)

Updated: Mar 11

In a video game, as you play along on your adventure, you will mostly find unfamiliar characters that you are either willing to help or they are willing to help you. Regardless of the circumstances, you still got a chance to meet these interesting characters as they left behind a mark on your experience as a player. What if I told you, it is just like the real world? The people we meet along the way, just like in a video game, need our help, and we need theirs. There are several reasons why you need to make friends along the way:

1. The people you meet on your way up, you might meet them on your way down.

2. If a difficult boss is in your path, you will need a party.

3. Better your friend than your enemy.

1. The people we meet along the way, we might meet them again

The people or players we meet along the way of our heroic journey through life are worth making friends with because they will have a skill we might need and the knowledge we might lack during our quests. And guess what? We might meet them again, so why not get to know them before that happens.

2. Will help you slay the monsters ahead

Having friends to assist you in your quest through life can help with slaying monsters and every obstacle in your path to accomplishing your dreams. After all, we cannot take on enemies stronger than we are or outnumber us; that is what allies are for.

3. Better your friend than your enemy

Would you rather the people we meet be your enemy than your friend? Of course not; it is much better to have them helping you than against you. Besides, if they are in your clique, no one can snatch them from you and use them against you. That is why Summoners need to be friendly to the people they meet, so they can have more peace of mind in the long run.

People can be difficult to deal with sometimes, but a little tolerance can go a long way in ensuring they do not overcome you, as the benefit of having them on your side outweighs the costs. People can assist you with the skills they possess that you lack, help you overcome your enemies, and prevent anyone from outnumbering you in your battle through life.

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