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The Athlete

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Last time we talked about Adventurers and now it is time for the athletes; the ones that hate traveling or learning new things, the one that sticks to traditions over spontaneity. These men and women are only interested in moving their bodies to a certain area that is familiar to them which is why they excel at gymnastics, sports, and physical therapy. They know their limits and strengths and once they discover something is beyond their reach, they give up, unlike the adventurers who love to ignore limits and barriers.

Body Kinesthetic Intelligence

Many Athletic lightning types can link their mind and body together in order to accomplish great physical feats. This means they can bring their imagination of physical performance to life. An example of this is dancing. Dancing is one of many choreographic activities that require a lot of imagination. Before manipulating your body to accomplish that task, you must see what you want to perform.

Learning Through Movements

While many Adventurers can pick up on new information easily and master any skill with little practice, Athletes can only learn or pick up information through movements. Athletes will either get lost trying to pay attention or will not understand it unless you have them physically practice it.


Many Lightning types that fall under the Athlete category would be wise to chase careers like dancing, gymnastics, athletic coach, personal trainer, Physical therapy, Aerobics, physical education, and above all become professional athletes.

Talents: Aware of the position and movement of the parts of the body

Measurement: Speed

Element: Lightning Bolt

Which one are you? The Athlete or the Adventurer.

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