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Chemists and Crafters (Purple)

Role: Chemists

Talent: Curiosity

Measurement: Chemicals

Element: Acid

Body: Adrenal Gland

Compatibility: Commanders

Chemists, in literal terms, are scientists who study the composition, properties, and behavior of matter. They use their knowledge to develop new medications, improve industrial processes, and create new materials. Chemists are skilled in critical thinking, problem-solving, and attention to detail. When it comes to their personalities, they can be overly toxic; easily falling into jealousy for things that might not be too important. This jealousy can lead many into depression and overthinking, making them appear rather moody. Because of their ability to mix emotions with logic, they tend to try to keep a balance through drugs or stimulants. Chemists are curious individuals having a deep passion for understanding the composition of the elements and the natural world. They possess analytical skills and pay close attention to detail. Adaptable and open-minded, they are problem solvers using scientific methods to decipher complex reactions and phenomena. Their mix of intense emotions can obstruct their communication skills, making them sound sarcastic or arrogant to others. They are also inherently creative, constantly seeking new ways to synthesize recipes and develop innovative solutions. There is nothing a chemist cannot solve - as long as they can research, they will always find a way to get what they desire. Chemists are known for their intense personalities that can be difficult to please, much like the fire type they resemble, Commanders.

Role: Engineer

Talent: Computer Skills

Measurement: Inventions

Element: Gemstones, Metal

Body: The Waist

Compatibility: Fighters

Also called Artisans or Engineers, people with Crafty personalities are analytical thinkers and are great at paying attention to details. They enjoy breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. Crafters are always looking for ways to improve and optimize processes. They have a natural curiosity and are constantly seeking knowledge and information. Being organized and methodical is essential for crafters to stay on top of their projects. They are also very patient and observant, taking the time to break an object apart to find a problem and then putting it together again. They are also resourceful and creative, coming up with brilliant ideas and innovative solutions to humanity's problems. At a young age, many of them display increased curiosity about computers and tend to use them efficiently even to the dismay of their parents. Because of their love for innovation, they are lifelong learners, staying up to date with the latest advancements in their field. They embrace teamwork and collaboration, recognizing the power of collective knowledge. Artisans/Crafters are often driven by a desire to make a positive impact on society through their work. They possess a strong mathematical and scientific foundation, allowing them to tackle complex calculations. Their laziness helps them take risks and think outside the box to find unique solutions. While people might mistake them for being lazy, they are simply just thinking of ways to simplify the work.


  • Chemists are more private than Crafters, preferring to do things their way, while Crafters don't mind working with others.

  • Chemists are competitive, while Crafters are easy-going and somewhat lazy.

  • While Chemists tend to carry an angry and frustrated countenance, Crafters are stoic.


  • Both love ingenuity and innovation by coming up with solutions for complex problems.


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