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Create Something, Anything (Crafters)

Crafters are born with the gift of creation. They can create, fix, and augment objects ranging from technologies to everyday art. Being able to problem solve is a talent that should not be taken for granted as it can serve as a supportive ability when it comes to solving the problems of loved ones. Now, you might say, “There is nothing to create. Everything has been invented”, but we both know that’s not true because at the end of the day, the world is still a mess, so no, everything has not been invented yet. Here are a couple of reasons to get you interested in inventing something new:

1. To solve a nearby problem

Sometimes problems arise, and there is nothing anyone can do. But guess who would be there to save them with their ingenious ideas and craftiness, but the quiet and attentive to-detail crafter. Just like strategists, you have problem-solving skills. Instead of relying on deep thinking, you prefer to just use the objects around you to create something new that can solve the problem for life. When I say for life, I mean forever, or for how long the object lasts - till it needs to be replaced or serviced.

2. To augment an already existing object

Yes, other crafters exist, and they have created or invented things you wished you did, but that shouldn’t stop you from upgrading what they’ve created. After all, the invention could be outdated and need an upgrade or improvement. Don’t worry, you are not stealing another man’s work, besides, the inventor could be dead or long gone, so how would he know?

3. To make life easier for yourself and everyone else

Life needs to be easy because life was designed to be easy. Many Crafters love technology because it makes life easier. When there is something out there you cannot afford, what else to do but create it yourself? After all, you have the brains and the smarts that many of the engineers have, so build one like they do, but be careful so you don't hurt yourself or anyone while making it.

4. You might become wealthy

Your invention might be what the market needs right now, and if it blows up, you are going to find yourself with a lot of money. The more things you create, the more money you make. And even if you don’t make it among the big leagues, your crafting skills are still required in many engineering fields like cars, airplanes, and software.

5. You love Art

Many crafters, and even all crafters love art. You love making art, you love looking at art, you love buying art. Art is something that brings nonexistence to life, and you just love that. Every object that is transformed into technology is an attempt by Crafters to bring things to life, hence the fascination with robots. Art is alive, so don’t forget to make some of your own and surround yourself with different artworks.

In conclusion, the act of creation is a powerful testament to human imagination and willpower. Whether it's a piece of art, a new recipe, or a novel solution to a problem, every creation adds value to our world. So go ahead, create something, anything! Your next project could be the one that changes everything.

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