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The Wisdom of Giving (Givers)

Updated: Jan 19

Everyone becomes defensive when we are to give something up like money, our phones, and jewelry because the moment we let off those things, we start having thoughts about the future. Yes, worrying about the future is one of many reasons why people are reluctant to give stuff away. At that moment we give, we begin to remember all the things we could use that object or money for. Then, we become negative and start to imagine going broke. Guess what? You cannot become poor by giving one thing away. If you do, it is not because you are too generous but unemployed. Everyone who works always reaps an income - so no, you cannot go bankrupt from giving, unless you give beyond your capacity. Now, here are five super reasons to give.  

1.     Money is a circle 

Have you ever heard the quote, “What goes around, comes around”? If you do, then you know what it means. When we give, the money will always come back to us somehow. As ridiculous as this might sound, the earth is spherical for a reason. No matter how fast you drive, there will always be someone ahead of you in the world, and those who are behind you will still be ahead of you. Think of it this way: if you drive around the world, you will always come back to the same spot, so no matter where you are, there is no finish line - just like money, it is everywhere. The same way you can return to the same spot is the same way money will come back into our hands. Besides, it is not like all the money in the world will suddenly go into outer space. After all, what is gravity for? So, don’t be afraid of having the money flow from your hand, for it will always come back. 

2.     It makes you happy  

Anyone who gives to others will not be unhappy. Yes, that’s right, because the act of giving fills our soul and makes us feel satisfied with our well-being. We feel a sense of accomplishment - like we have done something great and meaningful. If you don’t feel joy or inner satisfaction from giving, it means you are just not meant to be a giver. Stop doing it unless you want to do it for profit. Because real providers will feel joy from giving - knowing that they are doing some good on earth.  

3.     Brings you closer to God 

I know many people might not believe in God, but without God in our lives, giving will be meaningless. Every penny that comes out of our pocket will feel like we are being taken advantage of. Now, many people might still be good givers without believing in God, and that is fine, you do you; giving has always been a thing even before Jesus walked the earth, so it is fine if you do not want to do it for God’s sake. But overall, whether you believe in God or not, giving will bring you closer to divinity. 

4.     Builds up reputation 

Giving can make you famous and build up your reputation. Now, I am not saying to be charitable solely for attention, but you cannot deny that the people you help will remember you and tell good things about you to others. When you need help, people will come to your aid because they know you as a notorious giver and helper. Like Mr. Bailey at the end of the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), the townspeople came to his aid (even those who did not know him) when he needed it, all because he had a good reputation amongst the townsfolk. 

5.     Whatever you support will support you back 

Yes, whatever you support will support you back. If you patronize the Red Cross, for example, one day when you might need help in an emergency or a disaster, the organization will be there for you, like an insurance company. The reason for patronizing organizations and people is that we want such an entity to last for as long as we live, so it benefits us. If you stop donating, and others do the same, that entity will not be able to support itself, causing it to reduce its service to patrons or close up entirely. It will be a lose-lose situation for both donors and donees. That is why we support people and organizations with our money so they can further serve us. 

6.     You only must give what you can afford 

Many reading this might think, “Oh no! But I can’t afford to donate or give.” No worries, giving was never a competitive sport. Even if it’s just a dime or a nickel, it's the heart and compassion that matters. If you can show that you care by donating a little bit, that is all that matters. Just like what Jesus had said in the bible about the widow who donated little, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others” (Mark 12: 43 NIV) because she donated with all her heart. 


I hope with this, you feel convinced to be a good giver. But remember, it is not something that is enforced, it must come from compassion and willingness. If you are Christian, do not be surprised with the amount God will return to you to encourage you. People will help you in turn when you need it, and you will start to realize that there is a lot of joy in giving a helping hand. 


The End.



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