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Introduction To Plant Types (Green)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Stomach of the Body

Plant types are known for their ability to store things in the form of assets or wealth. If there is anybody wealth is attracted to it is the plant type. Just like how the stomach is responsible for storing food, plant types like to store things just in case they are useful in the future. High in conscientiousness, they like to work hard to earn their reward, perhaps that’s why they get along so well with earth types. They are prudent and exceptional visionaries (next to fire types). When they have their eye on something they never stop till they get it. Working hard might be seen as a good thing, but when it is prioritized over love and relationship it becomes an obstacle for both themselves and their loved ones.

Because of their keen sense of accumulation, they are also susceptible to covetousness. If they see a neighbor with something beautiful or expensive, they too will want something like that. The wiser plant types know what they need and what they don’t want. The wise ones do not blindly buy whatever is in the market just for the sake of it, they first calculate what they are getting into before they acquire it. They will also calculate the cost, its purpose, and its value in depreciation over time (just in case they want to sell it). Just like a tree, they want people to come to them for their fruits because they know whatever customer comes to them will always be useful no matter what, whether it is by spreading information about them and their work, or by owing them a great debt.

The Esophagus

The muscular tube that carries food and liquids from your mouth to the stomach represents a plant’s ability to come up with new ideas on how to receive wealth. Whether by becoming an entrepreneur or generating income through paychecks, a plant type will always have new ideas on gaining money or assets.

The intestine

Though the stomach is in-between the esophagus and the intestine. The intestine governs the ability of a plant type to give away wealth or to spend it. Whether through charity organizations, philanthropic work, or donations they are ready to give to people whenever they need it. Many might give in the form of a debt or a pledge, but at the end of the day storing things to pile up will bear no fruit, so at the end of the day storing to give away or to spend in luxurious ways make the storage of wealth have value. No one grows a tree by storing the seeds in a barn, its value is to be planted.

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