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Video Game IRL (Strategists)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Living life like a video game might sound ridiculous to most people but it is a pleasant way to live. It creates meaning for those who are broken or sad about life and makes it feel fun. Many people drift towards video games as a form of escapism from the real world; a way to deal with stress, and a way to escape from the issues of life. So, why not bring escapism to the real world, why not bring the de-stressor to our everyday life? Here are a few tips to make life feel more like a video game and less like torture.

1. Don’t take life too seriously

Yes, many people add to the woes of life by making every little thing feel like the end of the world. When someone hurts, rejects, or insults us, we should always take their words with a grain of salt because at the end of the day, no one is really that important and the opinion of others are minuscule in the grand scheme of life. So, don’t ever take anything personally, and try to keep your sensitivity and feelings at bay so nothing will ever move you.

2. Don’t get too attached

If you have ever played world of warcraft or any other MMO, you will know that everything is temporary. When you lose a game, or a temporary item becomes used up; no one starts shedding a tear because of it, it is just a game after all. You can always try again or buy another item or gear to replace the one you’ve lost. As cheesy as it might sound, it is just like that in real life. If you are not attached to anything in a video game and use the phrase, ‘it’s just a game,’ then why not do the same in real life? Just dust yourself off and move on. Just remember, we aren’t going to take anything with us to our grave.

3. Death is inevitable

If you have ever died in a video game, you will be confident of a respawn, then why not in real life? If you live with the philosophy that no one truly dies, and death is just an illusion, then you will know that no matter how cautious you are everyone still ends up on the same road. When an NPC (Non-playable Character) dies in a game, I don’t see any gamers shedding a tear. I can assure you that tears do not resurrect the dead, both in real life and in a game, tears only act to rid the brain of stress. So why waste so much time mourning another dead player or NPC when you should be busy leveling up your character, and clearing your missions/quests?

4. Group up

We both know no matter how skilled you might be at a game, or if your character is at max level, you still need some help. Riddle me this, I take my character to a dungeon by myself to kill some Bosses, but then I find out that the bosses have friends that are also at an equal level to my character, and I still take them on, what am I? An idiot gamer. Will you take them on, or do you ask your friends for help to level the playing field a bit? Asking for help is one of the humblest and yet most logical things a person could ever do. You cannot fight your video game world all by yourself, and the same can be said of the real world. Group up and watch your life become easier.

5. Skill Versus Talent

When you are asked the question, “What is your talent?” You obviously can’t say cooking or coding because those aren’t talents but skills. Talents are skills you are born with, something that comes naturally to you. A skill is artificial, something you pick up along the way that requires training and a teacher. Knowing your talent can make all the difference between being ahead of the curve and being behind. With or without talent, everyone needs a skill, which will put their name on the boards and make them great. If you ever want to know what you are good at or what makes you shine more than the rest, then please follow me to my next point.

6. Speak to the mods: God and Government

If we are finding it difficult to pass through a stage in a video game or locate a bug that we think should be removed from the game, we make online forums asking for help from the mods. If we can make a forum for a video game, then asking for help from the government or God isn’t so far-fetched. God designed the game, so why not ask for His insight? You can ask God all sorts of questions through prayers, like ‘why is this stage of my life so difficult?’ ‘What is my talent/purpose?’ ‘What do I do next?’ are among many great questions a person could ask Him. You can also ask for help from the government with things like where to get a job or filing for unemployment, or asking for financial help are just a simple list of things the government might try to help with. Just like online gaming forums, government websites are one of many places to get help.

So, what have we learned? Life is too short to take seriously. We should always remember that everything in this world is temporary, both living and non-living, and getting too attached to them would be a detriment to our survival. We should always ask for help from our most trusted allies. Whilst not relying too much on the help we should also know our talents and try to level up our skills. And if everything else fails, pray to the mods; ask God for help, ask the Government for assistance, and do whatever it takes to max out your character. Good luck players!

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Wow, this is actually true. Nothing is actually as it seems. And what if the world is actually a game and we're just characters. Nice write up

Christom Ugbodu
Christom Ugbodu
Jan 23, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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