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To Disrupt or To Uplift

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Disruptors: They are known for their ability to create a certain kind of chaos that helps them to achieve their goals. Hence the name Disruptor. Their uncanny ability to bring people down emotionally, mentally, or physically to bring themselves up is what makes them dangerous. They have a strange perception of seeing enemies everywhere they go (think Littlefinger from Game of Thrones). They have trust issues because they think people are trying to hurt them and are very secretive but social. They are the types of people who will

laugh with you but probably has something up their sleeve. Apart from their thrift in darkness, they are also known for their talkative behavior. Both genders love to gossip and have long hours of conversations and you shouldn’t be surprised to find them complaining a lot because they see a problem in every scenario. But never forget, their real ability lies in disrupting the plans, goals, abilities, and achievements of the people they deem as enemies. Many tend to disrupt their loved ones without notice, which is why they must be careful with their pessimism and harsh criticism lest their loved ones will become weaker from the Disruptors’ inability to be positive.

Disruptors are mostly known for their negativity so careers in Politics will fit them well. They are also proficient in Newscasting, Reporting, and Journalism.

Talent: Knows how to get what they want even if they have to blow everyone else away mentally.

Measurement: Desires

Element: Storm

Uplifters: Uplifters on the other hand are positive. When I think of Uplifters, I think of songs like “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. The words of an uplifter can boost a person completely, making them feel like they are doing the right thing. While many people excel at smiles and being energetic like Light types which can encourage others to follow suit, Uplifters are the only ones who are confident enough to emit this positivity from themselves and give it to someone else. They uplift others through words of encouragement, songs, and quick laughs to cheer up their loved ones and friends. Now, who

wouldn’t want to surround themselves with someone who makes them feel good about themselves? I know I would. So, whenever you feel down just search for a nearby Uplifter to boost your morale. Trust me, it will be worth your while.

Be careful not to mistake a Disruptor for an Uplifter because when you are down a disruptor will bring you down even further just to make themselves feel good.

Many Uplifters make great Musicians, Singers, Instrumentalists, Comedians, Hosts, Voice Actors, Motivational Speakers, Pastors, and the list goes on. Imagine how much joy and happiness they could bring into peoples’ lives through their medium.

Talent: Can motivate others to be their best

Measurement: Motivation

Element: Breeze

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