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Fighters And Commanders (Orange)

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

There are two kinds of Fire types; Fighters and Commanders which will be explained.


Have a sense of duty, a duty that entails a battle, a battle to a cause. Inclined to anger, they hate when a task is left unfinished or when they cannot get what they want. Because of their passionate energy and fiery spirit, they will not sit by while a just is yet to be claimed. Although big fans of peace and love, they can get violent when they feel threatened. They will not stand there and take it when they or a loved one is being bullied.

Many can identify a fighter by their frowning look or angry countenance because of their heated emotions that are bubbling inside waiting to be unleashed. Their face is usually naturally the way it is to instill fear in their enemies. No one should bother going up against a fighter. Their fight for a cause might last their whole lifetime, and they still wouldn’t give up. Don’t bother trying to keep up with them, their sharp instincts and fierce independence will only leave them doing all the work. You are with them or against them; don’t get in their way or hold them back. Their element is Wildfire. Once they’ve begun the pursuit of a cause or a goal, get out of the way or keep your distance lest you too will get burned.

Fighters are very religious and strict in their piety. No one dares challenge their religion or belief because you will be in for a heated argument. They will do everything they can to support their faith. If they are Christians, they will attend church regularly, pay their tithes, and make sure their loved ones do the same. Furthermore, no one can match their passion when it comes to love. They are capable warriors both in and out. They will tirelessly fight to make their loved ones happy and comfortable (something a poison type would love). But one of the few disadvantages a fighter might have is their blind love or loyalty to something. They will not think too much of the flaws of who or what they care about fighting for their love is all that matters to them. These people will always stand by their loved ones and beliefs no matter the consequences.

Talent: Good at fighting for a cause

Measurement: Passion

Element: Wildfire


Natural-born leaders and commanders are a little more sociable and open-minded than their counterparts, the fighters. Prideful and a little too conceited, they hate being told what to do by anyone. Being in control is something they strive for. For what is a person if one doesn’t control his/her fate? They see all things as something that could be manipulated for their gain, and that includes religion. They might feign piety just to earn favor from the people or go a long way to tactfully instill fear in their opponents to keep them silent. They are calculating. These people will do anything to get their hands on power. They will follow all the traditions and rules of the organization they wish to lead and make sure they are seen as obedient sticklers for culture.

Confident or overconfident, they can be extremely egotistical and sensitive, taking offense to any insult or criticism they might hear. The last thing they want to hear is the truth of their flaws. They despise being seen as flawed or prone to errors though no one is above mistakes, but when their reputation is on the line, they get paranoid and fear a rebellion from their followers because of those flaws. Losing their right to leadership is something they cannot afford.

Unafraid of conflict, they see conquests between nations and organizations as an expedite for new beginnings. Land, assets, resources, and new openings to power are what conflicts bring for them. When it comes to their family, they ensure that their children are the best of the best. They want their children to be seen as great, which will help fuel their reputation as wonderful parents. Their children had better not bring up their passions or desires because what the commander desires for their children is all that matters. Many outside of the family might see the commander’s love for control over their children’s futures as appropriate, but the children will probably say otherwise. For a Commander to grow, he/she needs to learn that their children are not puppets or minions but actual humans with dreams, hopes, and ambitions, and the commander will do just fine. Overall, Commanders are great leaders whose search for power and control cannot be quenched easily by anyone. They can be worshippers of their reputation, even going so far as going to war just for them to have a good standing and more access to control. Eager to make sure that their loved ones can achieve greatness like themselves, they will work hard to support them. At the end of the day, if Commanders can let go of their pride and ego and focus more on the objective, they will sprout like a seedling and grow so tall no one would ever put them down.

Talent: Great leadership skills

Measurement: Power

Element: Thunder/ Meteor

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