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Introduction to the Natures

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The 12 Natures

What I’m about to write to you isn’t from me, the writer, but from God. Everything I write is a description of the twelve human natures that lie in every single one of us. This isn’t meant to replace human personalities or characteristics but instead tries to convey the human soul within every one of us. Our personalities and characteristics are influenced by our environment, peers, and culture; but the human nature that we are born with will always remain the same and will always influence our instincts in life. Each human born into this world has a primary, and a secondary nature that influences our way of life and how we act and treat those who are around us. Two people could have the exact primary nature and secondary nature. The twelve natures are also a source of guidance for people who are lost in life. By understanding the 12 natures a person can live a full life; a life without regrets, disappointment, or other things that can make life less purposeful or meaningful. You can also gain the ability to discern others if you thoroughly study other natures. If you read this and become offended by it or do not understand it; it’s not my fault, I am only doing this for God. So, read at your discretion.

The twelve human natures are as follows:

Blood: Governs Health; the body, partnership, relationship, food, and healing.

Fire: Governs Power; passion, battle, and anger.

Light: Governs Fame; positivity, happiness, charms, and energy

Plant: Governs Wealth; Provisions, assets, and money.

Water: Governs People; emotions, empathy, and friends

Lightning: Governs Adventure; mobility, speed, travel, exercise, and nerves.

Poison: Governs Inventions; easiness, cunningness, craftiness, and pleasure

Earth: Governs Loyalty; strength, rules, culture, patriotism, hard work, and duties.

Wind: Governs Words; speech, connections, desires, and sound

Dark: Governs Death; depression, nothingness, nihilism, and art

Mental: Governs Intelligence; knowledge, thinking, and planning

Spirit: Governs Life; God, peace, gentleness, sensitivity, and godliness.

The key to understanding or discerning the nature of a person lies in what goal they possess, or how they see the world. The best thing for a person is to read the introductions to every nature and figure out what fits them best.

THE BODY OF CHRIST (1 Corinthians 12:12-31)

It was written in the bible that just like the parts of the body, Christians all have different roles to play in the church. Just like the body, different natures represent other parts of the body that help to make the body or society function. Knowing who you are will help to make the body function more easily. By referring to the body during the introduction, one can get a clear understanding of what it means to be specific about the body. For example, lightning governs movement and speed. In the body, movement, and speed are governed by the legs, nerves, and joints. Hence one can understand what it means to govern movement about the body or in broader terms, to an organization or society.

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