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Enthusiasts and Charmers (Yellow)

Updated: Aug 7, 2023


Talent: Energetic

Measurement: Achievements/Awards

Element: Summer

Body Part: Glucose

Compatibility: Teachers

Enthusiasts are naturally charismatic, self-motivated, energetic, and filled with vitality and vigor. They excel at high-end achievements that make their bones rock. They hate dealing with the dead-end job that has them doing the same thing repeatedly, leaving them drained of life, but prefers to have fun and go with the flow. They hate and try to avoid boredom. They despise winter because of how depressing it feels while slowly awaiting the lively heat of the summer. They prefer to spend their summer at the beach, have fun with friends, or travel to unique places. Because of their high energy and hatred of menial tasks, they are usually diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD for short, making focusing on school difficult. They are always hands-on and can learn best when the subject is visually stimulating. They can be messy in their approach to life, accomplishing lots of outdoor activities while neglecting their indoor duties of cleaning their room or helping around the house. Enthusiasts are impulsive by nature, not planning before they act (although many learn as they age) and just doing whatever fun activity comes to mind on the spot.

On a positive note, Enthusiasts are not your typical standby-and-watch kind of person; they prefer to go the extra mile in their pursuit of excellence. They are the type to invest time, money, and effort into their interests. They are not afraid to try new things or take risks; they are always ready to explore and experiment with new ideas. They inspire others with endless curiosity and energy, motivating everyone to pursue their passions. Their passion and dedication propel them forward to achieve great things. They are not discouraged by failures or setbacks but see them as opportunities to learn and grow. Enthusiasts are vital to society because they bring passion and energy to everything they do. Their enthusiasm is infectious and can inspire those around them to achieve great things too. Enthusiasts make life more fun and meaningful. They remind us of the power of passion and the potential to make a difference.


Talent: Beauty

Measurement: Popularity

Element: The Sun

Body Part: The Face

Compatibility: Strategists

Charmers are born with a natural beauty that makes them stand out in a crowd. Their intelligent smiles are strong enough to captivate a room, earning them fans without trying. They were built for the public eye, not shying away from any opportunity to shine. Hardly shy, these extroverted enthusiasts were born for the spotlight. Looking natural in front of a camera like they had known it all their life. Mostly, females, these divas can bring down a castle with their sheer presence alone. When fully matured, they can charm anybody without trying too hard. Though few, the men can also enchant any woman leaving their fellow men filled with envy.

The secret to charmers always lighting up a room is through their smiles and positivity. They blush easily and always find an excuse to laugh at whatever is around them. For their mental health's sake, they prefer not to take anything too seriously lest their depressive side will begin to show. An example of a charmer is Gabrielle Solis from Desperate Housewives. She might not be the best housewife to marry, but she knows a thing about getting what she wants whenever just by charming the right men.


  1. Enthusiasts are more energy driven and hardworking while charmers can be seen as slightly lazy.

  2. Enthusiasts take their trade seriously while many Charmers don't take anything seriously.

  3. Many Enthusiasts are restless and hyperactive at times while Charmers are more self-controlled and graceful in order to preserve their image.

  4. It is possible for a person to be both an Enthusiast and a Charmer; taking full advantage of the nature of Light to both harness their energy and glow.

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