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Introduction to Light Types (Yellow)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Face of the Body

The Light of the world, and the image of the body. Who in any location or place can brag about completing a task successfully in darkness? In order to finish a task in darkness a person must turn on the light, whether it’s from a candle or a light bulb, light is necessary for completing any task. Just like how people need light in the darkness, so do people need motivation, happiness, and laughter when trying to accomplish a goal, and who can bring this energy to people except through a light type. Light types are known for their charisma, exceptional energy, and their smiley faces. It is a rare thing to find an unhappy light type because the only thing holding them back is their lack of prominence.

A light type can only be functional when they are been seen by many, and that’s why it is important they seek to be noticed or famous. A wise man once said no one who puts on a lamp and hides it under a basket or underneath the bed, but it is placed on a hill to be seen; light types are those lamps. Although many light types might feel ignored as children, they might resort to troublemaking to get people’s attention. Sometimes the attention-seeking might get worse to the point of delinquency, that’s why it is important for a light type to understand that they will always be seen regardless of their attention-seeking because of their natural beauty given to them by God. Many light types should instead focus on using their positive energy to survive and motivate/uplift anyone they see.

The Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, they are one of the few ways a person can show interest in anything. Imagine a very beautiful model walks into the room and all eyes are on him/her, but he/she suddenly stares at you and smiles. The first thought anyone will have in such a situation is, “why me?" That is how much power a light type has. When a really strong light type stares at someone, it makes that person feel special, they feel like they are the most important person in the room. That power alone can literally drive a person to conquer nations if need be. Because many light types neglect their powers, the weak ones will avoid making eye contact as much as possible which makes them a little insecure and awkward. Light types are also known for their rich imagination which leads them closer to things that please the eyes like pictures or paintings, and many are very good at making them.

The Cheeks

The cheeks of the human face represent energy. Through the cheeks of a person, you can tell if someone is healthy or not. When a person’s cheeks are lean it means unhealthiness and lack of energy, but when they are fat it means they are healthy and full of energy. This little detail is enough to tell if someone is genuinely happy or just depressed. Many might not be conscious of the cheekbones in a human face, but even without being conscious of it, we can just tell something is awry about a person when their cheeks are lean. Because of a light type’s healthy-looking cheeks, it is easy to tell they are full of energy and life.

The Teeth

The teeth represent the glow and strength of a person. Many light types are known for their strength in the sense that they can easily bounce back from a tragedy with smiles on their faces almost like nothing happened. Because of this, they can easily cast illusions that make it seem like they are ok even when they are not. This strength is rarely seen in the natures because while many might put on a sad countenance or a stoic look to deal with the pain, many lights (and some plant types) try to hide their pain through smiles.

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