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Daydreaming (Yellow)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Daydreaming might seem like it interferes with everyday life, but it is good for a person in the long run. When you daydream, you increase the dopamine levels in the brain causing happiness and joy. This can be a good motivator for those who are feeling discouraged in life. Here, I will show you why daydreaming is good for a light type and maybe for anyone.

  1. You feel Motivated

Yes, that’s right, you will feel motivated. Motivated to do the things you found boring earlier on or strenuous. When you are facing a stressful day, sometimes peeping a little mind wandering can leave you refreshed to carry on that burden you were carrying especially when there are no spectators to applaud you for your efforts, you can simply just daydream about your work getting noticed, and Voi la, you are feeling pumped up and happy again to continue going.

2. It makes you Smile, therefore attractive

When you are daydreaming, often, it’s a positive daydream. Maybe you dream about becoming a superhero saving the day, and everyone knows who you are as you effortlessly save those poor souls from a burning building, or you daydream about how you fell in love with the prince or princess of your dreams; those daydreams will leave you blushing or smirking without your notice. While you are fantasizing, people are probably already staring at you as you smirk, making them wonder what is making you happy. These gifts can result in your being surrounded by friends and fans that you do not know exist. After all, your face is your superpower, and people are magnetized toward happiness because they too want to be happy.

3. It makes you creative

Creativity is important anywhere and everywhere, just ask everybody. No job doesn’t require creativity. If anything, creative people are mostly sorted after job interviews as interviewers want to see that their potential employees can solve problems on their feet with some imagination. Although daydreaming might distract from the problem, those with good honing skills of their abilities might channel their daydreams towards what is in front of them, leaving them room for their minds to come up with unique ideas for a solution.

4. It makes you Fun to be Around

No one wants to hang out with a boring, unimaginative person (no offense to such people), and I bet many boring people don’t want to be around themselves either. When a light type walks into the room with their minds wandering in the clouds, the smiling rich face they give procure an indication to those around that you are a fun person to be around. This will result in more invitations, more attractions, and more friends. You will find that many people will want to do things for you just to keep you happy. When you daydream, you can come up with unique ideas for a fun time in the sun. Who wouldn’t want a friend who comes up with new ideas of what to do next? With a good imagination, you might give good jokes, be more playful, and motivate those around you to keep enjoying themselves.

Although daydreams can be a great skill to have, they can also be a distraction from everyday to-do tasks which might leave you drained especially when you realize your reality doesn’t match up with your daydreams. If you can keep dreaming, anything is possible, just make sure to always chase after what makes you happy. And don’t worry, your mind will tell you what makes you happy and give you your ideas on how to get it.


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