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Juggernauts and Healers (Red)

Updated: Aug 7, 2023


Talent: Strong and Healthy

Measurement: Health Point

Element: Human

Body Part: Muscles

Compatibility: Assassins

Juggernauts, as the name suggests, are colossal in stature and size. They exude confidence, discipline, and a relentless determination to push to their limits. These individuals devote themselves to crafting a strong, muscular physique through intense training and strict dietary restrictions. They are bodybuilders by nature, possess a strong work ethic, and are willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve their goals. Their commitment to physical well-being is second to none, prioritizing their bodies over anything else.

Juggernauts are admired for their discipline and ability to stick to their training regimen. Their passion for fitness and their desire to constantly improve themselves is infectious and inspiring to others. Juggernauts have a great focus that allows them to block out distractions and stay motivated. They are mentally tough, never giving up, even when faced with physical or mental challenges. Finally, they understand the importance of perseverance and don't shy away from hard work.


Talent: Compassionate

Measurement: Healing

Element: Cells

Body Part: Blood

Compatibility: Martyrs

Healers are kind and compassionate, especially to their family members and close acquaintances. They have a strong sense of empathy, making them excellent listeners and providing excellent emotional support. They are quick thinkers, making critical decisions in high-pressure situations to ensure the best outcomes. They possess excellent communication skills effectively conveying important information to their families. Healers are dependable, always showing up and going above and beyond to provide quality care to their loved ones. They are adaptable and flexible, handling various challenges and changing circumstances in their home. They are detail-oriented, paying close attention to the smallest details to provide proper and safe care. They are great problem solvers, finding creative solutions to complex medical issues that might occur to themselves and those they love. They exhibit resilience and can handle emotionally and physically demanding situations with grace. They have a strong work ethic, often working long hours and sacrificing their well-being for the sake of their children. They also have a positive attitude, bringing optimism and a calming presence to their often-stressful family dynamics. Finally, they are naturally selfless, always putting the needs of their families above their own.


  1. Juggernauts are more self-centered and independent while Healers are more selfless and family-focused.

  2. Juggernauts are unafraid of conflict while Healers are peace-makers by nature and will try to avoid all conflicts.

  3. Healers love spirituality and faith while Juggernuts tend to avoid those things because they prefer what they can see over what they cannot see.

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