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To Love is to Live

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Love is represented by the heart, the core of the body. From it, blood is spread to other parts of the body carrying oxygen. When a body part like the brain doesn’t get enough blood or oxygen it malfunctions. This alludes to the fact that when a person does not receive enough love, he/she probably won’t function properly no matter how much they try. Although many natures are capable of love and can love in their own way like Fire loving passionately and doing everything intensely for their partners or Lightning loving their partners even when they are far from them or busy all the time, or Earth seeing love as a duty and being overprotective of that person. Everyone loves differently, but no one can beat the Spirit type at true love. Spirit types have the unseen ability to love someone for who they are without judgments, prerequisites, or importance.

Filler Types are one of the few natures that can love different people at the same time. Many can see this as weakness or the Fill being disloyal, confused, or foolish, but it is simply nothing but their love for people and their hidden desire to belong. Because of this chameleonic quality, it is hard for them to find solid friends or true companionship. To them, life is all about survival and you must keep adapting to every person for such an aspiration to come true.

Outsiders, on the other hand, can only love one thing at a time. To them, loving too many things can confuse them and ruins the special love they might have for someone. One of the reasons for this is their pure personality. The inability to understand the world can make them t cling to the first person they truly understand. While a Filler type might be knowledgeable in many areas of life, giving them more open ground to falling for almost everything. An Outsider's lack of this knowledge will make them feel unloved or unaccepted by the world causing them to cling to the first thing they feel might love them. When an outsider finds that one thing, they will love it for life. They never forget how a person or idea made them feel. Clinging to that feeling for years to come.

For both Outsiders and Fillers being in love is a great part of their personality. Whether it is the Filler loving as they go, or the Outsider loving a few until they find the one thing to love completely, all Spirit types need to love. Many Spirit types might be unable to find real love sometimes but falling in love with a concept or an idea or with God does count as real love. Love doesn’t have to be with a person. Love can be generic, it is ubiquitous, it is constant, and it can be shown to anything whether alive or dead, whether nonliving or living, whether animal or human finding something to love will always help to prolong the life of a Spirit type. Hence their name ‘Spirit’ represents their ability to make themselves eternal through love.

To learn more about both Outsiders and Imposters click here:

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