Strategists And Investigators

If it wasn’t clear or stated before, there are two types of Ice types; Strategists and Investigators. Now there is nothing wrong with having both types, but overall, many ice types tend to lean towards one or the other.

Investigators: These types love to learn and observe from their five senses. The most sensitive of both types, they are usually seen trying to stimulate their senses one way or the other whether through acquiring exquisite tastes or seeing exotic places they take in the natural world through a sensory stimulus. They are called investigators because nothing goes past them without their notice, even the smallest details that most people tend to ignore will not be ignored by an investigator. This gift opposes Strategists who tend to rely on being inside their heads and not paying attention to the physical world (which will be discussed later) whilst Investigators care only little about their thoughts and imagination. They are big fans of reality and living in the physical world is something they mustn’t allow their minds to distract them from. From an investigator’s perspective spending one’s life thinking and dreaming feels like a waste when one could bring their dreams to reality through the five senses.

Careers for Investigators: Detectives (obviously), Critics, Cooks, Directors, Conductors, Editors, Psychologists, and anything that could stimulate their keen observation.

Strategists: As you know are always in their heads, thinking, imagining, dreaming, and conjuring whatever they please in their minds. After all, Albert Einstein believed “imagination is more important than knowledge,” and he is right because he too is a strategist. Strategists excel at coming up with plans and pulling them through with great ease because they’ve replayed the scenario over and over in their heads so it would be quite disappointing if things didn’t go as planned. Many strategists are usually known as great geniuses or prodigies, but not all strategists are noticed enough to be called one. So many strategists can go on in life without anyone noticing their great skill and may even be mistaken for insane or slow in mind because of their excellent caution.

Careers for Strategists: Physicist, Scientist, Engineer, Writer, Chess Player, Teacher, Astrophysicist, and anything they could master with their minds.

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