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Strategists And Teachers

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

If it wasn’t clear or stated before, there are two types of Ice types; Strategists and Teachers. Now there is nothing wrong with having both types which are called hybrids (this goes for all natures, but I will talk about it in another post). Overall, many ice types tend to lean towards one or the other. Ice types rely a lot on their five senses to either collect information or recognize patterns.


Or Scholars, are learned or erudite people, especially those who have profound knowledge of a particular subject or subjects. “We are surrounded by ignorance and lack of knowledge,” is something a scholar would say. These types love to learn and observe from their five senses. The most sensitive of both types, they are usually seen trying to stimulate their senses one way or the other whether through acquiring exquisite tastes or seeing exotic places. They take in the natural world through a sensory stimulus. They are big fans of reality and living in the physical world is something they mustn’t allow their minds to distract them from. The best way to a scholar’s heart is through books. You will only acquire their attention by bringing up topics on philosophical ideas and scientific theories that they would love to talk about with anyone. Bombarded by their endless knowledge of a wide variety of topics it is best to listen to their counsel, they know a thing or two from experience.

Scholar types love facts and hate things that cannot be proven to be true, although they are capable of memorizing theories that are yet proven, they are still smart enough to differentiate between fact and fiction. This is why many of them find it hard to believe in God. Yes, they have read the Bible and every other religious text for the sake of knowledge, but without ‘proof’ they see reading them as something they could add to their inner library, the brain.

Talent: Absorbing information quickly and excellent memory

Measurement: Knowledge

Element: Glacier


Or Savants see the world as something they could fix instead of accepting it as scholars do. They want things to be perfect and in order. Because of this lack of perfection in the world, they end up living their perfect world in their minds. They can get obsessed with a particular idea, theory, or subject. Savants as they are, they will understand everything about a particular topic by simply breaking it down into simpler parts for understanding. Recognizing patterns is their forte, so most tend to drift towards puzzles, board games, or video games; becoming experts in them while many become mesmerized by their ease.

As you know they are always in their heads, thinking, imagining, dreaming, and conjuring whatever they please in their minds which can impede their social skills and make them look dull or unintelligent in people’s eyes. They are far from dumb; if only people could enter their heads and see what they see daily, they wouldn’t judge them so quickly. After all, Albert Einstein believed “imagination is more important than knowledge,” and he is right because he too is a strategist. Strategists excel at coming up with plans and pulling them through with great ease because they’ve replayed the scenario repeatedly in their minds, so it would be pretty disappointing if things didn’t go as planned for them. Many strategists are usually known as great geniuses or prodigies, but not all strategists are noticed enough to be called one. So many strategists can go on in life without anyone noticing their great skill and may even be mistaken for insane or slow in mind because of their excellent caution and being a one-trick pony.

They are also called Investigators because nothing goes past them without their notice, even the smallest details that most people tend to ignore will not be ignored by an investigator. The reason is that they see patterns everywhere and anything that breaks from that pattern will make the Strategist go mad on the inside.

Talent: Pattern recognition and Problem-solving skills

Measurement: Strategies

Element: Winter


Scholars are well-learned in a variety of subjects while Strategists only know a few or just one.

Scholars can socialize because of their love of discussions and debates. Strategists are asocial or seen as creepy, they let their plans do the talking.

Both Strategists and Scholars would do well in becoming a hybrid. Strategists need to read more, and Scholars need to plan more.

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