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Martyrs And Assassins (Black)

There are two kinds of Dark types; Martyrs and Assassins

Role: Martyr

Talent: Writing

Measurement: Depression

Element: Flower

Body Part: The Skeleton

Compatibility: Healers

Martyrs are self-sacrificing by nature and kind, going out of their way to take dangerous risks for those they love. They are selfless and willing to die for a cause they believe in. They can also be a little rebellious, going against the system of how things should be because of how they feel about it. They possess an unwavering belief in their convictions and are willing to die for what they believe in. They have a strong sense of purpose and are often willing to endure discomfort and suffering to uphold their ideals. They are incredibly courageous and are not easily swayed or intimidated by opposition or threats. Martyrs are deeply empathetic individuals who feel the pain and suffering of others and are driven to alleviate it. They have a strong sense of justice and are willing to challenge societal norms and injustice, even at a personal cost. They are often seen as inspirational figures, motivating others to fight for a cause and stand up for their rights. Martyrs possess a remarkable ability to inspire others through their actions and sacrifices. They are rarely motivated by personal gain or recognition but rather by a genuine desire to bring about positive change. Many Martyrs have skinny forms or frail bodies that make them vulnerable to damage, but the damage they take is always for a good reason which tends to influence those nearby. Their sacrifices and unwavering commitment serve as a testament to the power of individuals to bring about change. It is too bad many of them tend to commit suicide a lot because of how difficult life can be, but the ones that survive till the end always find their fate worth the effort.

Role: Assassin

Talent: Stalking

Measurement: Kills

Element: The Moon

Body Part: Liver

Compatibility: Juggernauts

Assassins, on the other hand, are aware of the injustices on earth, but instead of fighting against them like Martyrs, they prefer to take matters into their own hands. They refuse to be self-sacrificing like their counterparts but prefer to hurt anyone who hurts them first. They are vulnerable to rejections and grudges, blaming others for their own shortcomings instead of themselves. They tend to exhibit signs of isolation, low self-esteem, and trauma of being bullied by their peers. Some individuals may have a history of mental health issues or substance abuse, which can contribute to their violent tendencies. Some become fascinated with violence or show aggression towards others or animals. Assassin personalities are also night owls that get their energy from doing activities at night because no one can judge them when they can't see them. Their brain chemistry and internal clock naturally incline them towards nocturnal activities. The stillness and tranquility of the night provide the perfect environment for focused work. On a final note, although the name Assassin can have a negative notation towards it, many Assassins are not as aggressive as other assassins and will probably just prefer to work silently: going to their night shift jobs or avoiding the spotlight as much as possible during the day.


  • Assassins are more aggressive and are willing to get revenge, while a martyr tends to be meek and forgiving

  • Assassins love nighttime while Martyrs prefer the daylight and are vulnerable at night.

  • Assassins blame others while Martyrs blame themselves a lot.

  • Assassins prefer to hurt those who make them depressed as opposed to a Martyr who will prefer to commit suicide.

  • Assassins tend to suffer deeper psychological issues than a Martyr who might only suffer from depression.

  • Martyrs are physically weaker than Assassins.


  • Martyrs and Assassins are both susceptible to depression

  • They are both physically unhealthy. Lack of sleep can cause an Assassin to avoid taking care of themselves, while a Martyr's love for self-hurting might cause them to avoid eating.

  • Both are obsessed with the concept of death.

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