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There are two characteristics dark types embody: depression and stealth.

Depression (death):

Many Dark types have a strange obsession with death. They usually fantasize about dying or killing themselves, someone, or a group of people. This obsession is usually born out of dark empathy or revenge. They use death as an excuse to end their suffering or the suffering of others, and many times they would obsess over killing someone that may have hurt them in any way. They are highly misunderstood individuals with very low energy. Many people’s failed misconception of their personalities is what causes many of them to fall into addictions and suicide at an early age. They are not the type to wake up every morning praying for longevity and good health because they believe life is filled with suffering and only death can end that suffering.

If there is one thing dark types love the most is sleep. Sleep is an important part of their daily lives. They can sleep for longer periods than most people. There is a reason for this, and it is because of their lethargy: their low energy. Many dark types have limited amounts of energy to do the things most people do, and to catch up, they must sleep a lot to recharge that energy. Never deprive a dark type of their beauty sleep or else do not be surprised to find them becoming more depressed and avoidant.


Dark types hate attention especially when it is unnecessary. These people will avoid attention to the point of only shifting their hobbies to nighttime. Their self-esteem is so low to the point that they don’t mind hiding their supposedly flawed selves away from the public eye. These people are adaptable and can succeed in any career just if it has a night shift. They are very reclusive and prefer to keep to themselves. When a dark type finds out that they have spoken too much, they will disappear like a ghost. Forums are usually their cup of tea; it is the one place they can talk about their feelings to others while being safe.

They hate talking too much about themselves or others. Gossip isn’t exactly in their best interest because they too have been a victim of it. They prefer to get things done than to talk about them. If they ever did want to say something they will only tell those they trust or write it in a journal. When socializing, they will be the quiet ones at the party not just because they hate talking but because there isn’t anything going on in their lives for them to talk about.

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