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The Art of Convincing

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Convincing is the art of making someone do what you want. It requires persuasion and effective communication skills. While you might have gotten what you wanted, it might end up with the victim hating you at the end or becoming suspicious of you, but there are ways to overcome this without any risks at the end.

  1. First, make them like you (be their friend)

Has any stranger ever walked up to you to tell you about a problem and how they want you to sign their petition or support a cause, did you believe them, or did you just outright ignore them? Well, if you ignored them then it’s probably not your fault. The advertiser or marketer probably failed to introduce themselves first before talking about their cause. No one wants to listen to a political issue or problem without first knowing who they are talking to. The first rule of convincing a person as a wind type or any other nature is to first make them like you. Introduce yourself, get personal, talk about how the cause affects you, let the target know this is a serious issue that requires attention, and they will do whatever you want them to do at that given moment.

2. Speak fluently or in the language of the target

Speaking fluently might be difficult for some people, but it is necessary, so practice or take communication classes. No one wants to have their time wasted on someone who can’t even speak properly, they will either think you are not smart enough for them or they will think you are beneath them. Whatever it is you want to do, you don’t want to look like someone who is uneducated. Regardless of how important the issue might be, no one will want to listen unless they think you are worth their time. So, the first rule of communication is to talk slowly and well. Let them know you know what you are talking about. If people wanted to listen to someone who speaks rapidly, they would have preferred to go to an auction or listen to a rapper. When someone talks fast, stammers, or speaks with bad grammar, people associate it with lying. “Oh, look he is stammering because he didn’t prepare his lies well enough” is what people might think when they hear you speak. So, breathe, talk slowly, don’t be in a hurry, and let the target know what you are preaching.

Speaking in the language of the target is just as important as speaking fluently. If you speak English to people who don’t know the language, it’s pointless. Speaking in the language of the target will increase the chances of your convincing to be a success.

3. Know your targets

Imagine talking about scientific topics to someone who failed science in school, isn’t that a waste of time? Knowing your demographic is just as important as talking to them. You must know what your targets want and what they like. Tell them that their actions will get them closer to what they want or will give them something they like. Do not be mistaken, this is not lying, it is simply bending the truth to one’s advantage. If you know that what you are telling your target to do doesn’t benefit the target, try thinking about how it would and convince them afterward. For example, you can convince a job interviewer that hiring you will benefit the company in a certain way, this will make the interviewer think about it. Even if they do not comply, all that matters is that your target will think about it. Trust me, just getting your target to think about it is a success.

4. No words are ever wasted

It is just as it is written, no words are wasted. If you tell someone, either a friend or a parent, that you’ve always wanted certain expensive jewelry that special someone will always remember it. Do not underestimate the human race’s ability to worry about useless things. If you keep repeating it repeatedly at the right time, you won’t be surprised to find out that they got that specific jewelry for you on your birthday or on a special occasion (but you still must act surprised). That is the power of repetition. It doesn’t matter if you feel like no one is listening, just keep saying it repeatedly and it will stick like a post-it note on a fridge. Now many people might take advantage of this ability and try to ask for overbearing or extremely expensive objects, but that won't work. You must know your targets and what they can afford because if you don’t, they might end up resenting you when they realize they are not good enough to get it for you. So, proceed with caution on this one.

With that said, I hope I was able to convince you of the art of convincing. And if I didn’t, just remember that I’m selflessly writing this for you to benefit from. The things you can accomplish with the knowledge of convincing are endless and if you feel that you are a natural, you can always do it your own way.

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