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Introduction To Wind Types (Gray)

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The Lungs of the Body

Just as the lungs are responsible for conducting inhaled air in the body, wind types are responsible for the collection and distribution of information. They might look and act like Ice types, but they are not. Where Ice types excel at using information, wind type is only concerned about spreading the information. What better way to do this than through the tongue, which governs communication and language in the body? Many wind types might be known for their excessive chatter, but they just want to get to know a person and connect with them. Many people might find that annoying, but it’s just one of their friendly ways of getting to know a person.

They are the type to seek freedom just like the wind itself, they don’t like being held down by anyone or anything, which can get people thinking they are spirit types because of that strange freedom they possess. For information to flow, freedom is required. A man cannot simply ask for a breeze while hiding at the mountainside, it’s just impossible. That’s why society needs wind types to give people access to information, and for information to flow just like the wind.

The Nose

The nose is the most favored gateway for outside air into the respiratory system. The hairs in the nose’s wall are part of the body's air-cleaning system. The nose taking in air symbolizes a wind type’s grasp on a piece of important information, and the hairs symbolize their ability to refine that information enough to make sure it’s true and useful for manipulation. The nose hairs are like filters, they represent a wind’s ability to test the validity of the information being absorbed.

The Mouth

Air also enters through the mouth, but that isn’t the primary job of the mouth. The primary job of the mouth is to emit the air out. Let’s look at it differently, the nose filters outside air into the lungs, but why would that same nose filter air out of the lungs, It’s unnecessary, and that’s where the mouth comes in, it helps to emit the air out of the body, and if there is any impurity it coughs it out. Note that it’s not good for the impurity to flow out of the nose because it blocks air from entering, but that doesn’t stop the nose from supporting the mouth when there is an invasion.

Wind types are like cooks, but instead of making food, they make words. They enchant the hearer with the information they give, by transforming a once boring knowledge into something interesting to hear. Many Ice types will have information to give but bore listeners with it, and that’s when a wind type comes in to make that information interesting to hear. Perhaps that's why a Wind and Ice-type aren't that far from becoming friends after all.

The Throat

The throat collects incoming air from the nose or mouth and then passes it to down the windpipe into the bronchial tubes of the lungs. This part of the body represents connection. An ability many winds possess, that is very useful for making anyone like them. It is very difficult for people to connect without speaking to each other. Being able to relate to someone starts with words and language, and that’s why the throat exists; it serves as a connector between the upper respiratory system and the lower one. A wind type if curious enough can learn another language that can help connect two organizations, or people, together.

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