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Introduction to Ice Types (Blue-grey)

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The Brain of the Body

Represented by the color Blue-grey, Ice types are logical and love to chase knowledge through endless driven curiosity. Mental types believe that, through intelligence, they can achieve even the most challenging of goals. Naturally anxious and always on their guard, they are very skeptical of others. They may hate people who don’t seem intelligent enough to be on their level and might get in the habit of calling people “stupid” or “idiotic” if their level of expectations isn’t met. The brain, naturally vulnerable, must be protected at all costs, and so are mental types. It would be quite pitiful if the strategist of war is killed first in battle. That’s why it is naturally the right of every mental type to be protected.

In school, these types are usually called “bookworms” or “nerds.” The nickname might seem insulting but it’s not, if anything, it only proves that they are doing their job correctly. All mental types should be friends with books and any other source of knowledge because that is where their power comes from. The brain needs four body parts to function correctly: Ears, Eyes, and Nose. I call them the three messengers of the brain. They are the informers, and without them, there is no way for the brain to receive information. Many mental types avoid sensual things because they see it as a distraction that’s why they live such things for other natures to figure out for them. Now we are going to look at the three messengers of the brain.

The Eyes (the light of the brain)

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I disagree, the eyes are not the window to the soul, but a window to the mind. Without the eyes how can the mental type read a book or witness an event? They need the eyes more than any other nature to make accurate judgments and to collect information. Perhaps this might be the reason why they get along so well with light types because those types use the eyes just as much as the mental type. A light type might use their eyes to charm, but a mental type, in a very innocent way, will use theirs to collect information.

The Ears (The listener)

The ears are also a vital part of the brain when it comes to receiving information. The brain needs to hear information to add to its collection of unending memories. For a mental type to take full advantage of the ears, they must be humble and listen to the information they’ve never heard before or experienced. With this part of the body, they can detect even the slightest tint in sound that they can use to tell if a person is lying or not. This ability makes them one of the most dangerous psychologists because they can listen and discern right from wrong. When an ice type is cynical, it is either because you are saying something that has already been tested as being wrong or is yet to be proven, they will never make decisions based on emotions or whether you are worth listening to.

The Nose

The nose is also a vital part of the brain’s receiving of information. For example, a mental type might be able to detect a gas leak before anyone else because of the brain’s sensitivity to stimuli and the environment, and that’s why many mental types tend to become great detectives or investigators because they can link patterns quite easily because of the memories of that same pattern happening in the past. An Ice type is only as strong as how much they’ve learned. For example, if an unlearned mental type were to detect a gas leak without knowing what a gas leak smells like, they might still fall victim to whatever comes next. Every mental type needs to keep on soaking information as much as possible throughout their lives, without being biased to whatever they learn.

The Tongue and Skin (Not Ice)

The tongue and skin are also part of the five senses, but most Ice types shouldn’t rely on these two because ice is designed to be cautious and calculating. Having certain stimuli touch you before you detect the danger is a bad idea. Mostly, a mental type should be able to use their nose, eyes, and ears to determine if something is safe before they even taste it or touch it. Tasting and touching things is an unnecessary risk most mental types should never take. I believe this part of the five senses should be retained for a fire or blood type. Although being cautious is important, a mental type should only use touch and taste as the last resort.

The Encephalon

The brain: is responsible for analytics, logic, numeric, thinking, planning, and creativity, and visualizing is the greatest weapon a mental type could ever have. It is in this place that many mind types develop their plans and strategies. The human brain is the command center for the human nervous system. It receives signals from the body’s sensory organs and outputs information to the body. That’s why a mental type needs to think correctly before executing an idea or a plan.

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