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When an object or a person is in motion, it burns energy which makes the person or objects hot. But when an object is at rest, or when a person is dead, it cools down. In physics, this is called thermodynamics. The cooling down of an energy source is what many mental types govern. They prefer to burn the least amount of energy while accomplishing the most. The only way for them to accomplish this is through effective planning or in simpler terms, timing.

Mental or Ice types have the unique ability to control time. Don’t get me wrong, they do not have the ability to stop time or to teleport into the future/past like Dr. Strange, Dr. Who, or Doc Brown from back to the future, but they can swim with time. Time (get it) to look at the many ways mental types are the masters of time (realistically of course!).

Forecasting/Planning (The future)

Mental/Ice types are known for their good mathematical skills and their calculating personalities. With the two combined they can predict what will happen in the future if a certain path is taken. An example of this would be the space shuttle challenger disaster, many of the engineers working behind the scenes of the space shuttle warned of its vulnerabilities in cold temperatures, but sadly, they were ignored. Many Ice types’ forecasting abilities can come off as annoying or negative to people who are impatient and just want to get things done, but that doesn’t mean they are not usually accurate. With their forecasting ability, they are also able to create time through effective planning. Whether it is calculating how long they are going to do something just in time for another thing or creating a schedule for their activities. They are never caught off guard or surprised or seen complaining about not having enough time. For them, everything always goes just as planned.

Experience/Learning (The Past)

Many mental types have good memories that make them vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorders, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though many mental types might wish to forget some things, let’s be honest, they never do. Mental/Ice types can use the past to solve a problem happening at the moment. To them, it’s all about having a good recollection of things, but to others, it feels like they traveled back in time while just sitting on a chair. Don’t get me wrong, many other natures can remember events or information, but not as good as a mental type. Because of an Ices’ keen observation, they can notice the hidden details of those specific events that it feels like they had traveled back in time to check. They make great investigators but if they are criminals, they would be very difficult to catch.

Calmness/ Focus (the Present)

If a mental isn’t in the future or the past, then their art of staying in the now is impossible to match. When they have nothing to think about, they are usually seen observing their environment, noticing every minute detail about a person or object. Their intense focus and ability to stay calm under pressure give them the ability to easily use their minds to recollect or to plan. Most of the time, Ice uses this ability to just focus on the task at hand. After all, getting things done in time is what gives them the greatest satisfaction. Their focus is very good for reading books and soaking up all the information they can get from anything while ignoring distractions. A good mental type reads a lot of books, but a great one sees a book everywhere and in everyone.

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