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Introduction to Earth Types (Brown)

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The Bones of the Body

Or the Armor of the body, many earth types are known for their stoicism, which is the ability to stay unmoved by circumstances. The emotionally strongest of all natures, they are what society is built upon, structure, traditions, and customs. They are not easily moved by manipulations or emotions and are willing to stand their ground no matter what. Just like the skeletal structure, they are responsible for keeping society in check when it comes to obeying the rules the community has kept in place. Let’s say without them we would all be softies, lacking backbone, and the environment would eat us alive.

Excellent sentinels, they will never move from their post unless they are ordered to. Reminiscent of a mountain, you will never take them down. Although one of their weaknesses is not being emotionally available, they will do whatever it is they can to protect you from harm. Just like how every part of the body has a bone, anybody who doesn’t hire an earth type is only losing an integral part of a workplace or system. Obedient to the core, they will follow your orders to the end, and even if you mistreat them, they can endure it, but don’t get cocky, they know when someone is mistreating them, the only reason they are going along with it is because of duty and loyalty and not because they like you. Their patience will allow them to wait for time to get rid of you instead of risking breaking the rules. But for those who always seem to underestimate the earth type, always remember that when you fall on a rock, you are the one who gets crushed.

The Ribs and Skull

Earth types make wonderful protectors, especially as parents, they will make sure their family is always secure. Just like how the skull and ribs protect the most vital organs of the body, they too must make sure they protect those they see fit as vital, vulnerable, or worth protecting.

The Backbone

Earth types love structure and order, which the spinal cord's backbone provides to the body. Without the backbone, the body will not be able to stand properly. The spine supports your body and helps you walk, twist, and move. When a person has problems, it is always the earth types that many turn to for support, and to get their feet back up. In society, many earth types help by establishing the rules, helping keep those rules in check, and making sure no one breaks those rules. I guess it is easy to say that Earth types are the backbone of society.

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