Soliloquy (Outsiders)

Updated: Sep 23

Life can be dreary sometimes, and the intoxication of being in this world can sometimes leave us fuming with rage, anxiety, and disappointments. That is when soliloquy comes in. Soliloquy in broader terms is defined as an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud by oneself, whether in a room or when in solitude. Many are familiar with the term soliloquy from plays at theatres, but soliloquy can also be applied to one's own life or daily situations. When you are in the mood for venting or have something to say that could be inappropriate soliloquy is a great method to help let off some steam. Unless you believe in God, no one would be there to judge you except yourself.

  1. It is like pooping: You don’t want to do it in front of others

Many Spirit types are known for their abilities of pleasing others and making them feel comfortable to the best of their abilities or when someone is using a spirit type as a therapist, where else is an outsider or a filler supposed to excrete all that mess out of their head except through soliloquy. Which brings us to our first reason for using soliloquy to our advantage.

It is through soliloquy that a spirit type can keep their sanity in check. When we are alone our spirits can flow freely without any judgements from anyone. We can say what we want and do what we want whenever we want. If we are allowed to do whatever we want when we are alone, then why not let out our frustrations when in solitude, so we can come out feeling fresh and ready to face the world?

  1. A form of recharging your endurance

As stated earlier, soliloquy helps to recharge us. When we emit our toxicity and frustrations out of us when alone we can emerge from our place of solitude like a butterfly ready to face our challenges. This form of renewal helps to strengthen the endurance of Outsiders making all unbearable to become bearable. Soliloquy can revitalize outsiders and help refresh them from any form of mental frustration or toxicity they might be enduring.

  1. Venting

Many outsiders are known for their high moral standards and perfectionism. Losing control of one’s emotions, to an outsider, is weakness. Having self-control is something that an outsider hopes to achieve and wants others to achieve. Venting out one's frustrations, alone, helps to keep an outsider’s composure in check. By venting out one’s toxic emotions privately, it is easy for a person’s reputation to remain intact just if you don’t get caught doing it.

  1. God is listening

This one is a little tricky because not all outsiders might believe in God or know who He is just yet. But, if God is omniscient as many might believe, He will be listening to your frustrations. Any issues an outsider might feel powerless to resolve might be transmitted to God through the soliloquy of an outsider. Many outsiders should be grateful for this skill because it gives an ethereal advantage to the one who uses it. That is if you believe in God.

Although many might see an outsider for being fake by using the technique of soliloquy to vent out all their frustrations of society; it is still a useful technique for endurance and emotional recharge. As an outsider, I hope you will not feel guilt for talking to yourself when alone. You will notice it is quite the relief and addiction when you finally embrace this part of who you are.

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