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The Adventurers

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

What You Seek Is What You Become

There are two types of lightning types: athletes and adventurers. Whilst athletes are more interested in the movement of their bodies, adventurers are more into the excitement of their nerves. Many adventurers are known for their truth-seeking abilities that’s why many usually fall in love with spirituality. But what many lightning types fail to realize is that many a time what they seek always influences them a lot more than they can imagine. Whether it's by falling in love with the different cultures they meet along the way or falling in love with the thrill of the hunt, whatever it is, they are always interested in new things that excite them.

They never give up

Many Adventurers have a keen sense of never giving up no matter what, and always seeking what they want until they get it. They do not take no for an answer and will disregard any culture or rules that will restrict them from getting what they want. If they fall in love with someone and people tell them no, they will ignore the no's and follow what their heart wants, perhaps that is why they get along so well with outsiders because they do not mind becoming an outsider for what they believe in or love.

They are intelligent and seek the truth

Many Adventurers can adapt to change and embrace the discomfort of life because to them, comfort is a murderer. When they are in a new setting, they will adapt to the environment with ease almost like they’ve lived there their whole life. They can assimilate easily to any culture and language like they were born into it. Their secret is intelligence. Being able to adapt to any situation requires smartness and a vast array of knowledge which a lot of adventurers have at their expense. At the end of the day, what an adventurer really seek is the truth they feel that the truth doesn’t lie in only one culture or one place they believe the world is a jigsaw puzzle and the truth can only be found by placing all the pieces together.

The world might see an adventurer as difficult to pin down or cage, but we all know we need a little scout in our lives, someone who isn’t afraid to create a trail for others to follow.

Talent: Able to adapt to different cultures and can learn new languages easily

Measurement: Distance

Element: The Sky

Which one are you? The Adventurer or the Athlete.

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