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Introduction to Water Types (Blue)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Introduction to Water

The Kidneys of the Body

The opposite of Earth types, water types are everything earth isn’t. Where the earth is unemotional, water is emotional; where the earth is protection, water is the support; and where the earth is solid and grounded, water is liquid and unpredictable. Water types are like living sponges, they soak up everything they see. If you are hot, they will become hot, if you are cold, they will become cold, and if you are toxic, they too will copy the toxicity. Many might see the camouflaging ability of a water type as a good thing but not having originality or being able to stand one's ground can make a water type disloyal. Experts at mimicry, are professionals when it comes to reading the room. They know how to read the emotional cues of others and know how to use them to their advantage.

Because of their emotional intelligence, they can attract allies to themselves easily. Being able to acquire friends isn’t the only thing they are capable of, but they also can hold people together. Easily bringing people together for a common cause and the achievement of a goal, they are charismatic in their way. Just like how the kidneys govern the balance of water in the body, water types are the balance of people in society. The weaker ones are usually the ones that get easily carried away by their groups and become whatever the group wants them to become. A strong water type, on the other hand, will not be easily influenced by a group because they want to belong, they will instead make the group conform to them while being liked at the same time. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that water is best pure and not tainted.

The Kidneys

As mentioned earlier, the kidneys in the body are responsible for the balance of water and the removal of waste and minerals. Many water types have a certain way of keeping their acquaintances in check by multitasking between different groups of people. They are usually seen keeping tabs on different social groups, like friends at work, family, old friends from school, and friends from church. Many might find dealing with different social groups at once can be strenuous, but water types love it, they enjoy being able to balance different groups into their lives making them feel less alone.

The Bladder

As emotional and pure water can be it can also be tainted especially by the elements around it. Water can freeze like mental types, or boil like fire types, whatever the case may be, many water types are easily influenced by their social circle even if it goes against their belief, culture, or the way they were brought up. What the bladder teaches a water type is how to get rid of toxic friends. Just because your power comes from others doesn’t mean you should keep everyone, if you do, it will be a weakness, and those people you thought were meant to help you will only bring you down.

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