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Introduction to Spirit Types (White)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Heart of the Body

The most sensitive of the natures, they are well known for their compassion and weirdness. Because of their easily being misunderstood, they can end up isolating themselves a lot. Unlike blood types, spirit types do not restrict their love to just family members, they are also capable of easily falling in love with strangers and can be trusting of them. This unusual trust can lead many of them into dangerous territories or traps that they never intended of falling into. The danger is even made worse because of their lack of physical prowess.

Many spirit types prefer to be approached rather than approaching others which can lead many into daydreaming about love instead of seeking it, they share this common trait with dark types because of their introversion and fear of rejection. Sensitivity carries a lot of weight for a spirit type when it comes to taking risks, they do not mind doing something important if they are guaranteed to not get hurt in the process. This fear of getting can lead many of them into living a pacifistic lifestyle in which they refuse to hurt others both physically and in feelings. Furthermore, many spirits type might find it difficult to say no to people because they are afraid of hurting their feelings. This strength which others find as a weakness can make it easy for a spirit type to get taken advantage of or deceived.


Just like how the arteries spread blood and oxygen to the rest of the body, a spirit type’s goal is to spread love to the world whether they like it or not. They usually lay a passageway for others to follow when it comes to character and morality. Even if the spirit type is unaware of it many people look up to them because of their playfulness and ability to enchant the hearts of those around them.


Many might praise a spirit type for spreading love, but what most people fail to realize is that spirit types are hardly loved themselves. They are good at showing empathy and compassion to others but most times it feels like they get hated themselves. The world can be cruel, and with it comes damaged people who have gone through the worst of times, when these groups of damaged people sees a spirit type, they are usually filled with hatred, envy, or disgust because of their upbeat and unique personality. This sort of pure and childish character can lead many to think of a spirit type as spoiled or naïve. Eventually, the darkness from people’s hearts reaches them and it is up to the spirit type to either turn the darkness into strength or succumb to it. Hence the darkness in blood returning to the heart.

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