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Introduction to Lightning Types (Indigo)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Nerves of the Body

Lightning types are Known for their love of adventure, and curiosity to try new things or meet new people. They dislike sloppy or lazy people because they believe comfort is dangerous. Versatile and unpredictable, they can like something and then move on to another thing. They are always on the search for that one thing they can’t seem to describe but are hoping that when they find it, it will be surprising or good enough to keep them grounded.

Charming and interesting it can be very difficult to pin them down. One minute, they might like you, but then the next, they are gone searching for something more interesting. They do not like being held back or held down by anyone, once they’ve decided they want something, they do everything they can to get it. Many lightning types are also famous for locking their emotions within themselves, and when push comes to shove, they let it all out in a sudden burst. When the damage is done, they move on from it as if nothing happened. But if you are willing to permit this little flaw of theirs then you can get along with them and enjoy their interesting and unique personality.

The Nervous System

Many Lightning types are attracted to speed, and one of the systems responsible for giving the human body good reaction time and speed is the nerves. The nerves are the messengers of the body that use neurons to send signals all over the body, without them we will be paralyzed and unable to move. Just like the nerves, many lightning types are like messengers because of their ability to move quickly and get the job done as fast as possible. Where there is a distance between two entities, lightning types can help connect them together easily. With their excellent social and communication skills, they can adapt quickly to any place, social setting, or culture.

The Joints

Without the joints in the body, we are mostly stiff or unmovable. The joint in the body helps with movement, twisting, and versatility. Many lightning types might not enjoy moving from one place to another, but they enjoy sports and recreational activities. This type of lightning type sacrifices their love of exploration for the love of exercise. Whether it’s running many miles at once or playing sports like football, basketball, or volleyball; they are athletic geniuses. Sport isn’t necessarily for people who love to move, but for people who love versatility. Being able to change direction in a small burst of movement or manipulate the body to move in many unusual ways is what many lightning types excel at.

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