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Introduction to Fire Types (Orange)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Skin of the Body

The most confident of all the natures, fire types are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They hate cowardice and excuses, and they love action. Because of their love for action, they tend to come off as aggressive and dominating. Without aggression and domination, a fire type would never get anything done. Where other natures lack battle spirit and give in easily to resistance, fire types have all the battle spirit and fight against resistances to get to their goals. Though they are sensitive to criticism and harshness, they will not let those factors stop them from achieving an objective. Because of their passion and domineering call to action, their followers or friends might find them too intense to follow, that’s why many fire types must control or limit this intensity for the sake of those below them.

Bullying is something many fire types do without being conscious of it. If a fire type wants to become an effective leader they must learn to lead with confidence and self-esteem without needing to bring anyone down to make themselves feel better. Restless and action-oriented, a fire type needs to have the wisdom to know when to act and when to rest. Because of their endless passion for a cause, they are too intense for other people to understand, that’s why they must remember not to overdo it in anything they do.


Fire types hate anything cold or foreign both on the inside and outside, that’s why hairs exist to keep our temperatures in check. Realistically, a fire type governs the hair of the body because they control what the body gets to feel. If any outside forces are trying to harm the body, a fire type knows to pick up arms and fight against these outside forces or in realistic terms fight against any ideologies that might seem harmful to a country or organization. Therefore, many tend to fall into racist ideologies that only cause conflict.

Hairs are also responsible for our beauty standards. Many fire types are obsessed with beauty, and many are found in fashion fighting to have the latest designs come to life. They believe confidence starts with the clothes we wear and the way we look. So, when a fire type criticizes your clothes it’s probably because they see flaws the other person doesn’t.

Many might believe a mental type should be in charge, but they lack the confidence to take the lead because of self-doubt and self-criticism, but fire is a perfect fit for leadership as long as they listen to counsel. Never forget the hair on the head is the highest body part in the body even above the skull and brain, and it also looks like a burning torch on the head.

Touch/ Hands

Fire types govern touch because whilst a mental type might be too cautious to get hurt, a fire type might see the value in risk. Touching is how they communicate. They are not scared to get their hands dirty to accomplish a task and to see it through to the end. The hands also govern being able to hold something or to control something. Fire loves being in control of an organization, or any entity, it is the reason why they chase after leadership roles because they are confident in themselves that they can make sure everyone succeeds in achieving the goal of a company or organization.

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