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Introduction to Dark Types (Black)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The Liver of the Body

Also, called the black market of the body. The liver is responsible for filtering toxins out of the blood; It pretty much does the dirty work for the body (and poison types). That is what most dark types do, they love to work behind the scenes doing the job most people are afraid of accomplishing. Like working night shifts or working in underground jobs as a hitman, killing those whom they think deserve death. Many people might judge a dark type for having such unusual jobs, but it is mostly their personality that is responsible for it. Many dark types are usually depressed or nihilistic about life, and as they gain experience, they start to realize they don’t belong in the norm. Most of their ideologies are usually intense or too dark for most people, that’s why you will usually hear them complain about meeting people.

Dark types have a strong liver, that's why most of them are usually very skinny. The liver is responsible for burning up fat and turning it into energy, but if there is no fat to burn there will be no energy in the first place, which explains their lightweight and low energy. The lightweight helps with being sneaky and going about without getting any unnecessary attention.

Gall bladder

The Gallbladder works for the liver by storing and releasing bile when needed. Bile is a bitter substance that helps to digest fat in the body. In the case of a dark type, their bile is usually the ink. They are very good writers and are easily able to express their darkness best with the use of words on paper. A dark type should master writing as a hobby, because of their unusual love of silence and stealth, writing will help them connect and communicate with others properly.

The Pancreas

Dark types are known for their creativity, but also for their mood swings and lack of energy; just like how the pancreas in the body determines the energy of a person (via breaking of carbohydrates and fats in the body). For example, today, a dark type would be in a good mood to do things that are fun and enjoyable, then tomorrow they don’t want to speak to anyone, and will probably, for some reason, lose interest in the stuff they enjoyed the previous day. Although these mood swings can boost their creativity, and artistic side, they can also be a hassle for loved ones. These mood swings and lack of energy can also affect their work schedules that’s why it’s best for them to have a part-time job, a job with a flexible schedule, or a job that requires them to work alone.

Overall, darkness can be strange in nature, they are very interesting and mysterious to be around if you are willing to understand their sense of humor and withstand their lack of enthusiasm and strangeness. They are very creative, and artistic, but are usually held back by their doubts and pessimism. All they need is a little motivation to keep going, and even they can achieve great things, Just don’t be surprised when you find them sleeping in the middle of the day.

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