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Introduction to Blood Types (Red)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Blood of the Body

I like to call the blood cells in the body the little hearts of the body because just like spirit types, blood types are very empathetic and compassionate. Society glorifies compassion and kindness in women, but not in men because society believes men should be strong and ruthless in order to make great hunters. Therefore, many male blood types like to keep their emotions under their sleeve and try to appear strong and ruthless. Most of the men are seen with big bodies, huge muscles, and a confident demeanor while the females tend to be kind, caring and passive, and are not afraid to show it because society accepts them this way.

Many blood types are healthy, and they are the healthiest nature because, in order to care for someone physically, they also must be healthy lest they come off as hypocrites. The men tend to make fun of people who seem smaller than they are and will try to encourage them to visit the gym and get big muscles like themselves. While the women will worry about the health and nutrient of their loved ones. One of the weaknesses many blood types possess is their inability to trust strangers and those they are not familiar with. This restricts many blood types to only devote their love to those they have deemed as family members.

Red-Blood Cells

Red blood cells are responsible for the carrying of oxygen around the body which helps to support the body parts and organs all over the body. Without oxygen, many of the organs in the body would die out. In the real world, many blood types like to support other people the best they can. Especially the women, they prefer to support their partner or family while sitting behind the curtain. They believe everyone deserves love regardless of their failures or successes. They are also not the type to hate or become forceful to their loved ones, instead, they prefer their loved ones choose what they want or become whatever they please while supporting them. They are also the type not to give up on their loved one even if he/she becomes a criminal.


Many blood types love to heal people that’s why many are found in hospitals and clinics. With their huge compassion and big hearts, they know how it feels to be hurt, and are willing to deprive you of that pain. Many blood types seem to always have a first aid kit stuffed somewhere waiting for the inevitable to happen to a loved one because they don’t just want to look on helplessly as their loved one is hurt, they want to help.

White-Blood Cells and Muscles

Many male blood types are known for their ability to fight. They share a common trait with fire types in the sense that they want to fight any threat that approaches their community or family. This type of thinking tends to lead many blood types into having racist thoughts because of xenophobia.

Many blood types also act like earth types in the sense that they want to protect their loved ones from harm. This thinking tends to live many blood types sacrificing their compassion for the strength to protect those they love. And many also tend to become overprotective. Mind you, many female blood types break the social norm and acquire huge muscles for themselves, these types of females had to learn to be independent at a young age.

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