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Updated: Jan 17

This is everything I know about my gift from God, the 12 natures.

It goes like these:

11 natures ------> King (or Queen) -------> God (spirit)

Everyone is born with one nature, then a secondary nature (DOB), and then a tertiary nature (culture).

To reach God, you must first learn the other 10 natures, and this can only be acquired through love from the heart. If you cannot love another human from the heart, how can you love God? When we’ve mastered spiritual love then we will understand the nature of other humans, and copy them, and then we become kings.

After you’ve become a king, you will finally have to master the last nature of God, spirit. By learning about God through His word (the Bible), that is when we will get closer to Him and understand all his character. The 12 Natures of God.

If you were born a spirit type, you will have the most advantage in learning about God than the other natures. Spirit types are born with God already in themselves which means they use all the 12 natures subconsciously without knowing about it. The Spirit nature of God cannot be scientifically proven because it is ethereal, but most of the people on earth insist on asking for proof of God. How can you prove what your eyes have not seen? God is not invisible or silent, we are just blind and deaf.

When we’ve have completed this assignment, God will enter our hearts, hence, “Emmanuel; God with us.” When He is in us, our nature will transform into Spirit combined with the other natures we’ve already learned, we will finally become conscious of the 12 Natures of God.

Once all natures have become spirit types or at least gotten closer to God, they wouldn’t have to be conscious of the 12 natures, but instead God will take care of the rest.

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