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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Many Dark types believe in the satisfaction of death and the idea of nonexistence. When a dark type sees a homeless man in the streets the first thought that comes to mind is euthanasia. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease, and the practice is illegal in most countries. The reason why many dark types think of euthanasia when they see a person suffering is because of flawed empathy. Flawed empathy is when a person empathizes with another person but in a depressing way. While a normal empathetic person would want a homeless man off the streets a flawed empath would think it would be a better idea for the person to be killed for their suffering to end. Many people might look at the idea of killing a person to end their suffering as cruel, but to a dark type or any nature with flawed empathy, it is normal. Why? Because they too would prefer to die if they were in such a situation. This type of thinking is born out of depression and pessimism.


Controlling how you feel about something is important to solving problems and understanding the things around us. Let’s look at many ways we can control this darkness:

1.) Think

Death is usually a last resort to any type of problem. For a person to give up hope too quickly without looking at the problem from another perspective is the characteristic of a dark type. If you are a person with flawed or dark empathy, it is best to look at the situation from different perspectives before jumping to conclusions too quickly. Instead of taking the easy way out try solving the person’s problem with new and interesting ideas. Thinking deeply is key to counteracting the effects of flawed empathy. For example, if you empathize with a homeless person, instead of thinking of making euthanasia legal, try asking yourself, “how can I help?” You could volunteer at a soup kitchen or join different programs that help fight homelessness, and if any of those options do not work, be indifferent.

2.) Be Indifferent

An indifferent outlook is much more valuable than a flawed empathetic perspective. It is more bearable for a homeless person, or a person suffering to be ignored than for them to be victims of murder or hatred. Just because you don’t want to be something doesn’t mean another person can’t be it. If something irritates or makes you depressed; ignoring it, not paying attention to it, or being indifferent to it will benefit you more than falling into a depressive state.

3.) Be positive

If indifference is too difficult, try thinking positively instead. Looking at the situation with a positive outlook can help your mental health. If a situation of another person depresses you or makes you overthink, try doing something fun to get it off your mind. Maybe going out with friends, watching a movie, or just simply playing with a loved one can help to make a dark type see life in more positive ways.

With this, I hope you will be able to empathize in more positive ways and be helpful in solving the problems of society instead of taking an easy way out.

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