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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The Cold

Many mental types are known for their coldness hence their nature, ice. The reason many mental types are seen as cold is that they primarily use logic to make their day-to-day decisions. Their frozen nature refers to their ability to seal their emotions (water) completely to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of solving problems. The reason this is written is that many mental types are not aware of their coldness. They see emotions as a sort of stumbling block that dulls the mind of many. They personally believe logic should be practiced by everyone. Because of this sort of thinking, they fall into the trap of thinking anybody they meet is probably unintelligent. But one of the reasons they see things this way is because they are not aware of their coldness. Although some realize this later in life and try to get rid of it or reduce it, many don’t. Do not misunderstand, logic is important, but it shouldn’t be abused. An Ice-type shouldn’t try to get rid of their coldness or reduce it but control it properly. Our natures are who we are, getting rid of something just because other people don’t like it is illogical and will only lead to an identity crisis. Now you might ask, “how can we control this coldness?” well, one way to control coldness is through understanding.


Understanding is a logical way of knowing how a person or concept works, it requires a little empathy and thinking, that’s why many mental types ignore it. The unhealthy mental types jump to conclusions and begin calling others foolish, stupid, or idiotic without trying to figure out why the person could be behaving the way they behave. If an object refuses to work properly, do you call it names? Or do you try to figure out why the object is malfunctioning? If we fail to look stupid by cursing at an object, then why do the same with a human being? Not only will you fail to solve the problem, but you will find out that derailing on another’s intelligence will only make the situation worse. The victim could lash out and create more problems, or the victim might leave you to do all the work (no one likes a cold environment). If you do not have the time to figure out why a person is acting without intelligence, then you might as well solve the problem yourself without complaining. This brings us to our next point,

Solve it Yourself

When things aren’t going as planned, you can always try to solve the problem yourself instead of relying on another person to solve it. It’s well-known that many mental types love their independence and solitude. Being misunderstood can lead many of them into solitary lifestyles. This might not necessarily be a bad thing though we, as a society, need each other from time-to-time ice, on the other hand, can’t stay frozen forever. It needs somewhere cold to keep it frozen lest it melts. For many mental types, this cold location would be indoors, outskirts of society, or somewhere where they can think without interruption. Why am I saying this? Well, by doing things alone, they can solve a problem without having to hurt other people in the process. No one has to get frostbite from their coldness, and they don’t have to endure other people’s so-called ‘foolishness’; it’s a win-win.

To learn about the two types of Ice click here:

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